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Who we are: Jenna and Matthew, photo and cinema duo, life-partners & parents to a beautiful little boy named Lucas. In 2014, Jenna & Matthew met and have been inseparable ever since! Pairing Jenna’s eye for detail in photography & Matthew’s love for cinematography & business, Silent Capture was born out of (literal) love!

Silent Capture is a small boutique studio shooting on average, thirty weddings a year. We work together seamlessly to give you an unparalleled experience for the most important day of your life. Because we shoot, work, and edit together, we’re able to capture the moments with ease for both your wedding photography and cinematography. We carefully hand-pick all of our 2nd photographers & cinematographers. Each member of our team brings their own valuable knowledge and creative skill set. We ensure that every loving glance, happy tear, and every moment in between are captured forever both on film and video.

We believe that incredible photography and cinematography starts with a good relationship. We aim to tell your story from the point of view of a familiar friend, not a stranger. That’s why we love getting to know our couples on their engagement shoot, and we make sure you feel comfortable to be yourself in front of our lenses. On your wedding day, it feels like we pick right up where we left off.

jenna & matt

lead photographer & videographer



We’re creators of elegant, romantic, and editorial-style imagery. We believe in a balance of creative attention to detail and documentary style.


Our world can be non-stop at times so spending a cozy day at home hanging with Lucas & our cats is our favorite thing to do! We enjoy home-cooked meals together, random hugs & silly family moments, forward-thinking conversations & multiple matcha lattes. In the midst of life's hustle and bustle, the simple moments are what keep us grounded.


What's the story behind the name, 'Silent Capture'? 'Silent Capture' initially debuted as a personal Vimeo username, created by Matt back in 2016. The inspiration? Sony's ground-breaking feature that allowed the camera's shutter to capture photos in absolute silence – an innovation Matt found incredibly stealthy. Jenna, intrigued by the distinctive username, saw its potential beyond Vimeo. And thus, 'Silent Capture' was soon adopted as their business name.


Not only have sophisticated taste but greatly value our craft, graciously providing us with the time and trust required to curate striking & impactful imagery. They are overjoyed to have their favorite people gathered in one space, creating an ambiance brimming with love and euphoria. They believe in the magic and purpose of photography, knowing it has the power to stop time, transporting them right back to their most treasured moments whenever they wish!

Jenna Russo Rodriguez

lead photographer

Mom & day-dreamer. Her passion for photography is what keeps her always seeking to grow. Because she believes every unfolding second carries infinite potential to become a beautiful memory, Jenna is always 'camera-in-hand' anticipating every moment! When you love what you do, every moment is exciting and Jenna makes sure you’re having fun along with her.



Matthew Rodriguez

lead videographer

Matthew sees the world through movement. Matthew started break-dancing from a young age and it has brought him all around the world (he even won Jenna over with his impressive dance moves performing at a beauty-con in NYC!) Matthew now channels his creativity through cinematography & he is inspired by couples who are madly in love!